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Biodiversity Bonanza!

Software: StoryMap JS
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With this lesson, learners will embark on a journey to discover the rich tapestry of life on our planet. From recalling personal experiences in natural reserves to researching and creating visually compelling story maps, they will unravel the importance of biodiversity and the challenges it faces in various regions.

Lesson Overview

Overview Activity Objectives
 Opening Activity Learners will recall their experience of visiting a natural reserve/park where they have observed a variety of plants/animals and will use that experience to understand the concept of biodiversity.  
  •  Recall a personal experience to enhance the understanding of biodiversity and its importance. 
 Main Activity  Learners will pick a region (country/continent) and conduct research to explore biodiversity within that region. They will build a story map using Story Map JS to demonstrate their research. 
  • Critically examine and categorize information about biodiversity within a selected region.  
  • Synthesize the information to create a visual story map that effectively communicates their research findings. 
Closing Activity  Learners will explore the challenges that their selected region is facing and discuss strategies to preserve the biodiversity within that region.  
  • Assess the challenges confronting their chosen region in terms of biodiversity preservation.  
  • Propose strategies to conserve and protect biodiversity in that region. 


Prior Knowledge 

Learners should be able to

  • Conduct basic research, which includes gathering information from credible sources.


Lesson Objectives

  • Define the concept of biodiversity and its significance. 
  • Identify and list a variety of species indigenous to the chosen area. 
  • Utilize research skills to gather information about biodiversity in a specific region. 
  • Construct an interactive Story Map that effectively presents the biodiversity of the chosen region. 
  • Propose potential conservation strategies or actions based on an understanding of biodiversity. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Learners will comprehend the meaning of biodiversity and recognize its importance in ecosystems and the environment. 
  • Learners will apply their research skills to collect data and information on biodiversity within the chosen region.
  • Learners will synthesize their gathered information to create an interactive Story Map. 
  • Learners will critically evaluate the information gathered on biodiversity to propose conservation strategies. 




Pre-lesson Preparation 

  • Like all lessons on Eddy, this lesson follows a specific approach. If this is your first time implementing an Eddy lesson, check out our 'How to set up an Eddy Classroom' for more information. 
  • Prepare for necessary technology/hardware in advance.
  • Devices (tablets/laptops/chromebooks/computers) for each learner. 
  • A stable wifi connection. 
  • Access to StoryMap JS on each device. 


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Slide 3

Introduce the learners to the ground rules. You can check out the Eddy Approach if this is your first time conducting an Eddy lesson. 

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Slide 4

Ask the learners to recall a personal experience of a visit to a place with a wide variety of plants and animals. The idea is to help them understand the importance of biodiversity.  

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Slide 5

Introduce the concept of biodiversity as shown in the deck. 

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Slide 6

Explain the importance of biodiversity to the learners. You can also ask them to reflect on what the world would be like without different species of plants and animals. 


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Slide 7

Let the learners know that they will be participating in a BioQuest where they will be designing a story map using StoryMap JS. Refer to the instructions mentioned in the deck to provide a detailed explanation to the learners. The learners can refer to the pre-designed story map  to get a clearer idea. 

Slide ImageSlide Image

Slide 8, 9

Introduce the learners to their roles in the team. If this is your first time conducting an Eddy lesson and want more clarity on the roles, refer to the Eddy Approach

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Slide 10

Refer to the instructions in the deck to help your learners get started with StoryMap JS. To further help your learners navigate it, refer to the video tutorial.


How can I modify this activity for my learners who require more support?
Scaffolded Research: Break down the research process into smaller steps and provide clear instructions for each step. For example, you can provide a checklist of tasks like finding information about native species, threats to biodiversity, and conservation efforts.
How can I modify this activity for my advanced learners?
Encourage advanced learners to explore their chosen region in greater depth. They can dig into more specialized topics within biodiversity, such as the impact of climate change on local ecosystems or the role of indigenous knowledge in conservation efforts.


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Slide 11

Now that the learners have an idea of the biodiversity of a specific region, instruct them to explore the challenges and strategies to preserve it. 

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Slide 12

To conclude, use the reflection questions mentioned in the deck. The idea is to help learners become empathetic and critical thinkers. 



Understanding the Significance of Biodiversity



The learner understands the concept of biodiversity but struggles to grasp its significance.


The learner understands the concept of biodiversity and its importance but may struggle with specific reasons.  



The learner comprehends both the concept of biodiversity and its significance, reflecting on its global importance.


Research and Presentation of Content



The learner chooses a specific region and presents limited research within the story map.



The learner conducts research on a specific region, identifying and listing the primary biodiversity hotspots within the story map.



The learner conducts research on a specific region, identifying and listing the primary biodiversity hotspots within the story map.


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Peeyusha Sharma
05 Oct 2023
Storymap JS is a really cool tool that can work well with other subject topics too.