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Let's Make a Festival Mask!

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Learning Objectives: 

  • Learning symbolism with the help of art and creativity.
  • Creating a symbolic festival mask.
  • Developing visual inquiry skills to explore their surroundings with the help of art.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will understand and identify symbolism in their culture
  • Students will be able to draw connections between art and symbolism.
  • Students will create festival masks taking inspiration from their cultural food, color, and decoration.

Lesson Overview

Lesson Stages and Duration


Lesson Stages

  1. Explore
  2. Build
  3. Present 
  4. Reflect


06 min 
24 min
20 min
05 min

Notes for the Facilitator

This lesson plan focuses on hands-on maker activities for understanding Symbolism via art.


  • Classroom teaching has already been done for symbolism.

For Facilitating this lesson: 

  • Divide students into groups of four. (10 groups of 4 students)
  • Keep 10 printouts of Ideation worksheet templates ready(to be distributed to teams later). 


List of Resources and Materials 

Resources for introducing the topic


For introduction to Symbolism:

List of Materials

For Hands-on Activity

For Presentation

Required materials

  • Cardstock paper
  • A4 sheet
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Foam sheets
  • Glitter
  • Water color 
  • paint, brush
  • Elastic strings
  • Punching kit
  • Glue
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Laces/ Ribbons

Decorative materials

  • LEDs
  • Coin cells
  • Copper tape
  • Jewel pieces
  • Beads
  • Petals
  • Leaves
  • Feathers 
  • Yarn
  • Projector

Learning Objectives: 

Enables students to understand the basics of symbolism with the help of a cultural festival.

Students get to know how symbolism is involved in culture and festivals.




Begin by sharing the overview.

Set the class rules.


Introduction Slide

The introduction will start with the guessing game where students have to guess the name of festival based on images shown on slides.

Show them the clues and probe for answers.


Ask students what made them guess the festival right. They will say the pumpkin, clothing, make up, food, masks, decorations, images etc.

Guiding questions:

  • How were you able to guess the festival correctly?
  • What made it harder to guess the correct festival?
  • What signifies a festival?
17-18 Take this opportunity to explain them about symbolism. 


Learning Objectives: 

Enables students to brainstorm on designing a Face mask symbolic of the festival and cultural activities.


Guiding Questions


Introduce the challenge for the day: Ask them to imagine that the school is organizing a multi-cultural party to celebrate various festivals together. This is their opportunity to show their creativity by creating face masks to celebrate any festival of their choice. 

Group students into teams of four.

Note: Creation time has been divided into the following sections:

  1. Ideation - 10 minutes
  2. Creation - 20 minutes

Guide students through the Roles for Maker challenge. The following could be the role distribution:

Project Manager: 1 student

Resource Manager: 1 student

Time Keeper: 1 student

Presenter: 1 student

Ask teams to agree upon team roles mutually and finalize functions for everyone in the group.


Learners shall brainstorm their Festival masks and note their responses in the ideation worksheet.

Ask learners to discuss with their teammates about the festivals celebrated in USA and what decorations, materials, cultural objects are symbolic to the festivals of their choice. With this, they can move on to discussing shape and colours of their mask. 

These slides provide the pointers and visual cues to think about the shape and colours of masks. 

23 Play the timer on full-screen while students are ideating.
24 Learners start designing their masks. Encourage the learners by providing them with visual cues for stimulating their thinking for cultural elements.

Provide cardstock A3 sheets to each group of 2 colors. Ask them to sketch on their cardstock sheet from the blueprint design in the ideation worksheet. After drawing the sketch, ask students to cut the shape carefully.

Encourage them to

  • Think about the shape 
  • Connect the festivals to the symbols that represent the festivals
  • Use colors to brighten their masks
28 Set the timer to 18 min for the learners to complete this task.
Slide 29 could be used to accommodate the learners who finish before time.
If the learners finish their work before time, they can use their time to enhance the designs of their masks with items such as jewels, beads, and even leaves or flower petals!

Learning Objectives: 

Enables students to:

  • Share their findings, challenges, and outcomes with the class. 
  • Shows a thorough and thoughtful understanding of the concept. 
  • Understand students’ performance in the aspects of: 
    • Appreciating culture and symbolism associated with it.  
    • Applying their understanding of symbolism in the creation activity.





The facilitator asks the presenter to present their creation by wearing the mask and asking other teams to guess the festival.

Students can go through the presentation guidelines and take help from supplement questions.

Towards the end, teams could open the floor for feedback.

Ask students to begin the feedback by sharing the symbols and colors that are correctly used in the festival mask.

The guiding question for efficient feedback:

  • What went well? 
  • Even better if…
  • I think…
Facilitation tips
Please encourage students to observe the classroom response to their festival mask and their observations based on the colors, shape and the symbolism they used in the mask. 
How long should each presentation take?
Allot maximum of 2 minutes to each team to present their festival mask and their observations while building the same. Using a timer or a stopwatch would help to ensure equal presentation time allotment to the teams.

Learning Objectives: 

Allows students to contemplate and devise strategies for improving their festival mask.




Notes for the facilitator:

Ask students guiding questions to help them reflect after the round of presentations. For example, you can use the following questions to navigate reflection:

  • What symbols and colors do you observe in your nearest environment?
  • Which other symbols and colors do you think will enhance your Festival mask?


Exit Ticket

Ask students to draw an emoji to share with classmates about their feelings after designing the mask.

The teacher will provide an A4 sheet to the students so that they can draw the emoji to share their feelings after the mask designing session.


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